Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maze #36

Oh hell yeah. First FULL size maze I've done in ink. It's pretty epic. It took me a while to complete because I started it in like February or March but I ran out of Sharpie Pen. I didn't want to finish it with a different kind of pen because if the consistency was off it would really piss me off. And Sharpie Pens are expensive. I got some and finished it, on this glorious day of August 11, 2010.

Check out the DeviantArt page.

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  1. Holy Christ. Do you ever let anyone complete these?

  2. Yeah, actually somebody completed it recently. I was pretty blown away.

  3. You do these all with sharpie? That's intense. Good going.

  4. Didn't realize anyone else drew mazes like this.. been doing them in this style for 25 years.