Sunday, February 28, 2010

Maze 35

I did this in sharpie pen. If I'm going to get serious about maze drawing I ought to stop doing them in pencil, so this is a bit of a test run. It's done on a little note card, and it should be pretty easy to solve. I'm trying to work on my technique so I'll be able to do mazes that people might be interested in paying for. A larger version of this maze is available here.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Maze 34

Finished this late last night. I'm proud of it. I got the idea when I was reading Labyrinths: Walking Toward the Center by Gernot Candolini. You start at the top of the maze, and you try to get to the center of the labyrinth. This is probably the hardest maze I've ever drawn and it took me forever. I'm a little disappointed that part of the far right side of the maze is cut off, but it's pretty easy to just imagine the wall there. Also I didn't crop it before I uploaded it so it looks kind of stupid. I'm too lazy to reupload it :( Click here to see it in it a much larger form.

As for that book, it's not bad. It's pretty short, but I didn't actually read the entire thing. I read most of it in a day but then I got bored and I haven't touched it since. I need to finish it, it's sort of interesting; basically it's about this guy's journey across Europe to see as many old labyrinths as he can (usually they're in old churches), and then he writes about his views on spirituality and what the labyrinths mean to him. It's fairly interesting, although he comes from a much more christian point of view than I do so I can't really agree with everything he says. It makes me want to write about my ideas about the philosophy of mazes and labyrinths, but the problem is I'm a terrible writer.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Poster Maze

This is something I drew around the age of 12-13 (I can't be sure exactly). Back then I was pretty into mazes, and this was a huge undertaking. But looking back, even though it takes up 4 times the space of a lot of mazes I draw now, it's really not as intricate. I think I solved it once after I finished it and was surprised how easy it was. I'm not saying it's a walk in the park but compared to some of the stuff I draw now it's not all that tough. Click here for the big version.

Looking at it has sparked my interest in large mazes, though. I was talking to my sister and she was encouraging me to try devoting more time to this. Like, get a poster and do it as intricately as the ones I do now, but in pen and on a giant poster, and then sell it. Sounds interesting, and I'm thinking of trying it. I don't think anyone would try solving a maze like that but I think at that point it's just something pretty to look at. I dunno.

In other news, a maze I've been working on for the last few months is almost complete, it should be up tomorrow or the day after.